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 Oil and casing production line
 Automatic production line of pipe processing
 Thread black buckle repair mill
 Oil casing coloring ring and hoop paint
 Oil casing
 Oil casing
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 Short connection of oil and casing
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 Tool joint
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 Oil well drill rod
 Petroleum fittings
 Petroleum fittings
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Wuxi Thailand Machinery Co., Ltd._乐鱼体育最新平台 is located in the beautiful and rich Yangtze River Delta, the beautiful scenery of Taihu - Jiangsu Wuxi. My company is located in Huishan District Road No. 386 tin Qianqiao street, north of highway 229, Yanjiang highway, south of Wuxi Huishan high speed rail station, 312 State Road, East Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, West Yixi Yi Expressway, adjacent to the Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale, traffic is convenient.

Our company is specializing in the production of seamless steel pipe production line equipment factory, advanced production equipment, strong technical force, rich human resources, can provide users with professional design, development, manufacture and installation of seamless steel pipe automation equipment production line, to provide optimal services for enterprises. The company is more dedicated to the design, development and technical services in the field of petroleum special pipe equipment, and is a high-tech enterprise with integration of pipeline design, equipment sales, engineering construction and after-sales service. In recent years, we have been committed to the development of the market at home and abroad, and have achieved good performance, and the business is steadily increasing.

Our company has always been based on the quality of the company, we have been advocating quality above all. We conduct checks on the products we produce, and strive to create high-quality, flawless products. We hope to use our high demand for products to get customers' trust in us.

Hope that the new and old customers come to our company to visit the guidance!

Our company has been based on quality as the base of the company.
We have been advocating quality above everything
In the long course of development, our company is brave to open up.
Continuous innovation has accumulated considerable technical strength and strength.
Production experience and fruitful achievements have been fully recognized by the broad masses of users.
We will be fearless and strive to create good products with good quality
Thailand is willing to cooperate sincerely with you to create a beautiful tomorrow hand in hand.
Oil and casing production line
Oil casing
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